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Message from the President

On behalf of the other alumni, I give you my warmest greetings, my fellow alumni! It is with great honor and pleasure that I welcome you to the Adamson University Alumni Association Inc. If it would only be possible for me to give my warmest greetings and welcoming through technology, even virtually, I would jut myself to extent it to you as a pantomime of our gratitude for taking the time to visit this website of ours, but until then I will reserve my excitement to welcome you personally when you visit us in the near future.

Adamson University formed an alliance, called the Alumni Association for the sake of our beloved alumni. Since the association was formed, its goals are to commemorate and ensure that the community of Adamsonians is connected no matter how far their adventurous journeys have taken them. Up to the present, one step at a time, we are utilizing the mission of linking all the alumni together. Since you have taken the time to visit this website, then we have partly succeeded in bringing you a step closer to conjoining with your classmates, batch mates, professors and even with the foyer of the school that helped, and assisted you in acclimating yourself with academic growth and technical development. This website is here as one of the many ways to reach out for our beloved brothers and sisters all over the world.

In order to bring you closer and feel the ambiance of the Adamson community, the Alumni Association have started setting up alumni chapters that will be accessible not only nationwide but also worldwide. We understand that not every alumnus can have the time to sojourn back to this University at 900 San Marcelino Street, Ermita Manila, so local alumni chapters will serve as your bridge back to our home. For your convenience, they will be conducting projects and activities that will help in disseminating and circulating news concerning the University. So I am encouraging every alumnus to please have the time to view your local alumni chapters. If for instance, none exists in your locality of living, please do form one and kindly get intact with us at the main- Alumni Association.

It may have been a long period of time since the last time you dropped by and have a glance at the halls and the countenance of the folks here at the University. We understand that you’re likely to be too busy and that your working schedule is a little hard to interpose. But if you are looking for an alibi to drop by in the near future, it may be time for you to renew your Alumni Membership Card. Amid the transaction, you may be able to update your information in our database system that will help us in informing you of the latest news, information and updates in alumni events or programs. You can have numerous benefits and discounts in the list of different joints, into which is still cultivating; all brought to you by the Alumni Membership Card.

For yearly consistency, the University conducts homecomings that welcome Adamsonians, who have travelled and lived their journeys, back home. Alumni inspire other alumni by sharing their inspiring life stories, motivating life advises and success stories. I assure you, after such event, you will not falter and you will leave the vestibule with pride, courage and success in your heart by being proudly called as an Adamsonian.

This alliance of the Alumni Association is consistently making steps and ways to ameliorate its extent to the community of Adamsonians worldwide. In resemblance with Adamson University itself, our foyers, doors and offices will always be open to warmly and sincerely welcome you. If you have any terrific ideas or ways to assist and support us in our mission, please feel free to email us or personally visit us at our office and we’ll talk about it with some coffee or tea concerning on how to help the other Adamson Alumni partake the Adamsonian Pride worldwide.


Rose Ann Y. Fontelera
President, AUAAI